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850mm roller banner stand 850mm roller banner stand

Wallace Print Group eyes new print facility

Press Release


After the first four months of last year, managing director Gary Wallace aggressively targeted a turnover of £2m, which represented a 70% increase year-on-year.

According to Wallace, he set out a strategy at the beginning of the year for achieving the increase, which his 17 staff successfully executed.

He said: "I don't want to give too much away; I want other printers to find out how we did it the hard way, the way we did it. But we have concentrated on acquiring customers in different sectors and made sure we offered them good service.

"I have found a few of them dealt with bigger companies before us and they were let down. I think if we get a good mix of clients at the right amount we can grow, £50,000 is a sensible amount from one customer, I wouldn't want somebody to give me £1m worth of work - that is very dangerous."

Now the company is hoping to make the most of what Wallace perceives to be a buyer's market in factory development to invest in its own facility.

He said: "In the area we are, developers are realising that companies want to buy, not rent. They are coming to terms with the fact that they may have to take the profit on a site in one hit. A lot of them are sitting on land and not doing anything with it and that plays into the hands of companies with cashflow, which we have.

"We are in the early stages, but it appeals to have a plant specially made for us, I have a site in mind not far from where we are and hopefully we will be able to move in 2012."