850mm roller banner stand

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850mm roller banner stand 850mm roller banner stand

A solution for creative exhibition ideas printed Dufaylite

Printed Dufaylite Ultraboard


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Why Dufaylite Ultraboard?

Dufaylite Ultraboard is the perfect material for so many applications, it allows you to think creatively about your exhibition and build your own bespoke constructions.

Dufaylite Ultraboard can be printed on our high quality digital presses and cut to any shape. Its unique hexagon construction makes it seriously strong, robust and lightweight and what’s more it is completely 100% recyclable!

Printed Dufaylite Ultraboard can be used for -

What the manufacturer says….

From Retail displays, internal signage, POS, exhibition displays or complex design solutions Ultra Board can do it all with style, and within your budget.

Ultra Board's honeycomb board is a rigid substrate made from Dufaylite recycled paper honeycomb core with laminated paper facings of various paper grades to suit many application and performance requirements.

The surface facings of our amazing lightweight boards lend themselves to very high quality print so all that is needed is your creativity!

Ultra Board is super lightweight, super versatile and super compact so it is very simple to transport and use and also 100% recyclable.

Dufaylite Ultraboard Panels