850mm roller banner stand

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850mm roller banner stand 850mm roller banner stand

Fabric Displays & Exhibition Stands

Lightweight travel stand, our most popular shape. Add on graphics also available


Formulate Straight

Formulate Straight Stand FabricFormulate Straight Stand Fabric

Formulate with a unique vertical curve. This eyecatching stand weighs less than 10kg


Formulate Curved

Formulate Curved Stand FabricFormulate Curved Stand Fabric

Similar to the 3x3 pop up the formulate weighs a lot less and is ideal for travel.


Formulate Serpentine

Formulate Serpentine Stand FabricFormulate Serpentine Stand Fabric

Range of shapes and sizes a great alternative to roller banners.


Formulate Standees

Formulate Standees Snake, Slant, CurveFormulate Standees Snake, Slant, Curve

Quick hop up stand available in 5 varying sizes. Great for travel.


Impact Hop-up Stand

Impact Hop-Up Stand FabricImpact Hop-Up Stand Fabric

Really stand out with a pop up exhibition stand from our reliable and popular range.


Hop-Up Counta

Hop-Up Counta Table Hop-Up Counta Table

Looking to bring your exhibition walls to life and add some colour? Find out more about our exhibition wall drops.


SEG Counter Fabric

SEG Counter FabricSEG Counter Fabric
Exhibition Stands

Lightweight and eye catching. The retail drum is a unique way to show off your brand.


Drum Retail Display

Formulate Retail DrumFormulate Retail Drum