850mm roller banner stand

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850mm roller banner stand 850mm roller banner stand
850mm roller banner stand 850mm roller banner stand

Clear roller banners, and unique to Wallace Print!

Introducing the UK’s first and only clear, yes CLEAR roller banner stand! Pioneering print technology allows us to create the first ever clear roller banner with amazing results! When the standard roller banner just wont do call upon your creative side and make a big impact.

Stand out from the crowd with this brand new high visual impact display.

    Assembles in under 2 Minutes

    Printed on clear PVC to create outstanding effects.

    Heavy-Duty quality grasshopper base unit

    Highest quality full colour digital print with WHITE

    850mm / 1000mm / 1200mm with a height of 2000mm

    Unique to WallacePrint.com the UK’s first and only producer.

    Provided with Padded Carry Bag for easy transportation

If you are looking for more than one unit please do contact us for a discounted quotation.

If you are a design agency, printer and would like your own printed sample to show customers we can offer this service at a reduced rate!

850mm roller banner stand


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850mm roller banner stand 850mm roller banner stand

850mm Wide

£95 +vat

1000mm Wide

£115 +vat

1200mm Wide

£125 +vat

850mm roller banner stand 850mm roller banner stand

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850mm   Roller Banner

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850mm roller banner stand850mm roller banner stand

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850mm roller banner stand

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850mm roller banner stand

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850mm Roller Banner Stand

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